January 3rd, 2016 by Jylly


I’m kind of impressed that I read 90 books this year!!

Granted, being able to do what I want every day allowed for a lot of reading time!

One thing I had to get used to this year was reading on a Kindle (sigh).

I really struggled with this because there is something spellbinding about holding a physical book, feeling the weight of it in your hands, turning the pages, and especially seeing how close you are to the end.

I only brought a few books though so I had to turn to my Acer Tablet and Kindle app if I wanted to keep reading (no library here and not many places to borrow books).  I will admit, it didn’t disappoint though it took some getting used to.  There are a plethora of Free or inexpensive books and most of the ones I’ve read have been enjoyable (I now stop reading if it isn’t)!  I can read in the dark now and easily shut down the tablet as my eyes get heavy, that is a plus.

I still prefer reading a physical book though.  I’m sure that will not change.

Each year I have a goal to read more Spiritual, thought provoking or instructional books and as usual I have once again kept to reading mostly mysteries!  I guess those engage my mind as well as give me the chance to escape.

I’ve always loved board/card games, puzzles and problem solving so it makes sense Mysteries are my favorite.

This year I read a couple History books (my least favorite subject but they ended up helping me in a Trivia Crack game – Score!), Business books and Memoirs (to get an idea of how to write mine).  I’ve been reading a couple Spiritual/Metaphysical so those will easily hit next years list.

I seem to latch onto one author each year who is new to me and just reels me in so much that I have to read every book they’ve written.  Well, move over Harlan Coben because…


My favorite new author this year is Nick Pirog.  Hands down.  No doubt about it.  That guy makes me think!  Not that I ever need help in that area but it’s WHAT he makes me think about:  how would you live if you were only awake ONE hour each day and the After Life (or is it?).

Okay maybe I’ve had thoughts of dating Thomas Prescott too, crimes way to get it out of me!!  I also spent a few bucks on Nick’s books.  Totally worth it.  I usually read them in a day or two because I obviously can’t put them down.  Then I can’t stop thinking about them.  Highly recommended.  Go read one NOW!

On to The List!!  I’ve put ** by the ones I really enjoyed.

1. Tell No One by Harlan Coben

2. I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson

3. You’ve Been Warned (oops I read this one previously but forgot) by James Patterson & Howard Roughan

4. Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

5. D.H. Lewis – Affairs of Life by G.S. Frederick ** this is a book written by someone I know here in Placencia!

6. Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

7. A Shot in the Bark by C.A. Newsome

8. The Enemy We Know by Donna Whiteglaser

9. Spying in High Heels by Gemma Holliday

10.  Blowback by Lisa Hughey

11.  Innocent in Las Vegas by A.R. Winters

12.  30 Days by K. Larsen **

13.  To Kill For by A.J. Carella

14.  Murder To Go by Chloe Kendrick *

15.  Seven Wakings by S.K. McCauley **

16.  Dead End Job by Ingrid Reinke

17.  The Heartbreaker by Carly Phillips

18.  A Touch of Ice by L.J. Charles

19.  Sastun by Rosita Arvigo with Nadine Epstein **

20.  Chasing Justice by Danielle Stewart

21.  Virtually Scared to Death by Gillian Larkin

22.  The First Rule of Ten by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay **

23.  Ash by Jason Brant **

24.  Dead Wrong by Leighann Dobbs

25.  Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster

26.  Elusive by Sara Sosett

27.  The Aura by Carrie Bedford  **

28.  This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies by Renee Pawlish **

29.  Hot Property by Carly Phillips

30.  Taboo by Casey Hill **

31.  The Hit Woman Gets Lucky by J B Lynn **

32.  Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stelljes **

33.  Vanish by Tess Gerritsen **

34.  3:00 AM by Nick Pirog **

35.  Champagne & Lemon Drops by Jean Oram **

36.  3:06 AM by Nick Pirog **

37.  Unforeseen by Nick Pirog **

38.  Arrival by Nick Pirog **

39.  Borns by Nick Pirog **

40.  Changes by Judith Arnold **

41.  3:10 AM by Nick Pirog **

42.  Tuesday’s Child by Dale Mayer

43.  Girl Jacked by Christopher Greyson **

44. 3:21 AM by Nick Pirog **

45.  The Proposal by Lily Zante

46.  The Day Bailey Devlin’s Horoscope Came True by Rebecca Forster **

47.  The Last Call by George Wier **

48.  The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton

49.  Double Dare by Rhonda Nelson

50.  Stiff Arm Steal by AJ Stewart

51.  It Started With a Kiss by Lindy Dale

52.  I, Spy by Jordan McCollum

53.  Eyeshot by Taylor Adams

54.  Crime Scene by Casey Hill

55.  Planter’s Punch by J.A. Konrath & Tom Schreck

56.  Noble Justice by L.T. Ryan **

57.  What Stays in Vegas by Beth Labonte **

58.  Quinn Checks In by L.H. Thomson **

59.  Gray Matter by Nick Pirog **

60.  The Lake House Secret by Debra Burroughs

61.  Deadly Dossier by Josie Brown **

62.  Frozen Past by Richard C. Hale **

63.  The Day We Blew Up The Cat by S. Peter Lewis **

64.  Jacks Are Wild by Christopher Greyson

65.  The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp

66.  Afrikaans by Nick Pirog **

67.  Chez Stinky by Susan Daffron

68.  An Appointment with Murder by Jennifer L. Jennings

69.  An Act of Deceit by Jennifer L. Jennings

70.  The Guestbook by Andrea Hurst

71.  Fade to Black by Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus

72.  Killing me Softly by Bianca Sloane

73.  The Grave Man by David Archer **

74.  Perfect Crimes by Jack Erickson

75.  Cuts Like a Knife by M.K. Gilroy

76.  Abraham Lincoln – Just the Facts by IP Factly

77.  Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swark

78.  Piece by Piece by John McGuire

79.  WordPress by Andrew McKinnon

80.  Make Money Online by Robert Smith

81.  Beginners Quick Guide to Passive Income by Alex Nkencher Uwajeh

82.  Diary of a Skinny Mailman by Eugene G. Gentry

83.  Both Sides Now by Shawn Inmon and Dawn Inmon **

84.  Feels Like the First Time by Shawn Inmon

85.  British History in 50 Events by James Weber

86.  Drained by E.H. Reinhard

87.  A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde **

88.  Time Thieves by Dale Mayer

89.  Nine Lives of Adam Blake by Ryan Gladney **

90.  Game, Set, Match by Nana Malone

Oh whoops – realized this list doesn’t include the eBooks I’ve read this year…probably only a handful.



February 27th, 2015 by Jylly

I keep meaning to read the Classics but seem to always go back to my Mysteries. I need the mindless escape I guess!

1. Calamity Jane – Kathleen Bacus

2. Soul Mates – Richard Webster

3. Pall in the Family – Dawn Eastman

4. The Affair – Lee Child

5. Wheels of Life – Anodea Judith

6. Clean Sweep – Denny Sargent

7. Gone for Good – Harlan Coben

8. Divination for Beginners – Scott Cunningham

9. Long Lost – Harlan Coben

10. Book of Spirit Communication – Raymond Buckland

11. The Siege – Stephen White

12. How to Heal with Color – Ted Andrews

13. Cocktails for Three – Madeline Wickham

14. Your Guardian Angel & You – Denny Steward

15. House Rules – Jodi Picoult

16. Stay Close – Harlan Coben

17. Play Dead – Harlan Coben

18. Six Years – Harlan Coben

19. We’ll Meet Again – Mary Higgins Clark

20. Never Go Back – Lee Child

21. Caught – Harlan Coben

22. Murder on the Rocks – Allyson K Abbott

23. Paw Enforcement – Diane Kelly

24. Between Trapezes – Gail Blanke

25. Shelter – Harlan Coben

26. Seconds Away – Harlan Coben

27. Deal Breaker – Harlan Coben

28. The Final Detail – Harlan Coben

29. Back Spin – Harlan Coben

30. Live Wire – Harlan Coben

31. The Heist – Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

32. U is for Undertow – Sue Grafton

33. Dogtripping – David Rosenfelt

34. V is for Vengeance – Sue Grafton

35. Second Honeymoon – James Patterson & Howard Rougham

36. Finger Lickin 14 – Janet Evanovich

37. Suspect – Robert Crais

38. Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line – Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham

39. Vanished – Joseph Finder

40. The Hit – David Baldacci

January 7th, 2014 by Jylly

I seem to keep reading novels. GRR I’m working on a nonfrivolous book right now about Quantum Success and keep seeing things about The Alchemist and what do you know, that is on my shelf to read too, so I’m going to get my act together! I’m a little displeased I’m only at 20 books so far this year but the good news is I’ve been too busy to read — launched a business! ROAR!

15. Spencerville by Nelson DeMille

16. Falling Bodies by Andrew Mark

17. You’ve Been Warned by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

18. Worth Dying For by Lee Child

19. The Program by Stephen White
GREAT READ! My first by Stephen White (I think).

20. The Lion by Nelson DeMille

21. Marrying Daisy Bellamy by Susan Wiggs

22. Marrying Daisy Bellamy by Susan Wiggs

23. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

24. The Things we do for love by Kristin Hannah

25. The Innocent Man by John Grisham

26. Along came trouble by Sherryl Woods

27. The Innocent by Harlan Coben
GREAT READ! It was quite a page turner! My first by Harlan Coben – highly recommend him!

June 19th, 2013 by Jylly

Alright! I’m finding my reading groove! I’m making a conscious effort to read more…and fast (well, trying)!!

9. The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks
I don’t know…the last two Sparks’ novels I read didn’t really do it for me. I don’t know if it is because they are predictable…or in some ways not predictable.

10. Step on a Crack by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
A Detective Michael Bennett mystery – my second. I’m liking this guy! Lots of good twists and turns.

11. Special Delivery by Danielle Steele
Okay I gotta throw in a cheesy romance every once in awhile! This one has been on my shelf for who knows how long. It was a good story of two people who unexpectedly fall in love.

12. Now You See Her by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
This was a really good book! It’s about a young woman who gets caught up in a crime and ends up marrying the cop who helped her out of it (by covering up the crime). Years later she learns he is a dirty cop so she escapes….of course he ends up tracking her down and….

13. Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs
Oops another romance. Would you believe I need to get these off my shelf? 😉 Girl moves back to small hometown after she catches her cheating husband….falls in love with a local. Yadda yadda. It was decent.

14. The Millionaires by Brad Meltzer
First Meltzer read — recommended! It didn’t even feel like I was reading a book and there were lots of twists and turns and I was bummed when it was over. I will definitely read more of Meltzer!

April 6th, 2013 by Jylly

Kind of embarrassing to post, typically I’ve read twice this amount by now! In my defense of not reading near as much as usual and STILL not making my goal of reading books with much substance or knowledge… I have been focusing on launching a new business!! I’m not a believer in excuses, that is simply where my focus has been.

1. Katapult by Karen Kijewski
I think I would make a great P.I….

2. Smart Women by Judy Blume
Ah the beloved Judy Blume! I hadn’t read her in YEARS, maybe a decade or more. It was okay – I think I liked her books for teens/young adults better.

3. Kill Me by Stephen White
Thought provoking read about a millionaire who hires a group to kill him should he ever suffer a debilitating accident or illness. The problem? The contract is irrevocable and there some a few things he wants to do before he is killed!

4. The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
Finally a Sparks that didn’t leave me crying like a baby! Tender read about a man who walks across the country in search of the woman whose photo he found during his time in Iraq.

5. Lucky Streak by Carly Phillips

6. Don’t Blink by James Patterson and Howard Roughan
I’m cutting myself off from some of James Patterson’s books as they are too gruesome. This one passed though….about a reporter who has evidence in a mob hit and the trouble he gets into as he investigates!

7. The Last Lie by Stephen White
My second Stephen White novel! He is my new favorite.

8. Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille

January 3rd, 2013 by Jylly

Well, the end of the year came and went. I will be reading more books this year than last, as is always the goal! (I’ll try to make them more meaningful too while I’m at it! 😉

24. Sexy Lexy by Kate Moore
25. Private by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

26. Captain Kenneth & Lady Gail of Neptuania — this ROCKED! This was written by the lady I rented a bungalow from on my recent trip to Punta Allen, Mexico. She was in 3 shipwrecks. She is a Mermaid! Her and her husband kept a log of all their extraordinary journeys and ended up writing a book about it. She needs to publish it!!

27. Empire of Gold by Andy McDermott

December 20th, 2012 by Jylly

I’ve got a few more books to add to the list…

21. Copy Kat by Karen Kijewski
I used to read this Mystery series ten or so years ago and enjoyed them! I found this one at my favorite bookstore (Half Price Books) and you can’t go wrong for a Dollar! It kept me guessing, good read!

22. Bubbles Ablaze by Sarah Strohmeyer
I couldn’t get into this book at all – it took me forever to finish it when it should’ve taken only a few days. It ended up being entertaining though!

23. Judge & Jury by James Patterson
I swore off Patterson a couple years ago because of a serial killer book that was just too much for me. I really like his writing style and short chapters and characters and ugh! He just lures me in. I decided to try Patterson again and had a few on the shelf. Still gruesome. I don’t know…there are a few more on the shelf waiting….can she continue reading them folks? Stay tuned…

In other news, I got rid of my cable a month or so ago. OH yeah, Comcast and I broke up. My “special” pricing went away and I just couldn’t justify spending the price of a plane ticket every month on something I don’t really need or use. FINALLY! It’s something I’d been thinking about doing for awhile but just hadn’t made happen. It felt weird – because it was breaking a habit (TV watching just for the noise or boredom or vegging – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) but also a relief! I have a media player with Netflix, Hulu and Pandora on it (so I can still have my 70’s music playing ;). I’ve found I have to be way more Purposeful in what I watch. I used to be a big channel surfer. It always drove me nuts that I had over 500 channels including a handful of movie channels and there was nothing on! Now I try to have a plan in mind and movies/shows I watch or am interested in seeing in my que. I spend way less time watching TV now! It has been nice and I haven’t missed it! The weekly shows I watched before…I haven’t seen them in a couple weeks and I don’t mind! Great lesson! And, of course, this will allow for more time to READ!

October 23rd, 2012 by Jylly

I have really slacked in my blogging and reading this year!! There are still a few months to hit my goal though, if I kick it into high gear! Of course I wanted to out-read last years book total (33), but more importantly I wanted to read more meaty books instead of the typical mystery novel. This has not come close to happening! I am not going to blog each book but just list them instead. If the book dazzled me then I will write more about it than Title and Author.

Here goes 2012 book readage thus far (in the order I’m picking them out of the box I’ve thrown them in):
1. Crazy Love by Tara Janzen
2. Straight Talking by Jane Green
3. Just Peachy by Jill Winters
4. Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
5. Toys by James Patterson
6. Run for Your Life by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
7. The Quickie by James Patterson
8. Bare Necessity by Carole Matthews
9. Even by Andrew Grant
10. The Reversal by Michael Connelly
11. The 8th Confession by James Patterson
12. Dragons by Michael Connelly
13. A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly
14. Sail by James Patterson & Howard Roughan
15. I, Alex Cross by James Patterson
16. Reflections in the Nile by J. Suzanne Frank
I was excited to read this one seeing as I spent 3 years living in Egypt in my youth. A time-travel story, interesting and good read.
17. Worst Case by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
18. Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie
Interesting how novels about psychics are popping up as I have become more intuitive these last few years. FUN read!
19. Love me If You Dare by Carly Phillips
20. Beyond Human by Jaden Rose Phoenix
THE BEST book read so far this year! I’m going to be in Jaden’s Apprenticeship Program starting November 2012. I met her in 2004 at a Matrix Energetics Seminar. Such a powerful POWERFUL book for creating what you want in your life!

January 6th, 2012 by Jylly

Special Agent Riley Crane wakes up fully dressed and covered in blood. Her gun is under her pillow and she has no memory of the night before! In fact she doesn’t remember the past few weeks of her stay on Opal Island or her new boyfriend?? She knows she was sent to investigate some dangerous occult activity…but how will she be able to do that without her clairvoyance which is also seemingly gone!?

January 6th, 2012 by Jylly

Another good DeMille read – I’m really liking his books! This one takes us to New York where John’s wife kills her Mafia lover! John is devastated and moves to London. He returns ten years later for a funeral only to find the sparks still flying between him and his ex-wife! The only problem is, the Mafia wants revenge!