August 7th, 2008 by Jylly

Well tonight was the night! The place to be was the Babe Pad (my dwelling)! Tonight was the Grand Opening for my Quixtar business.

Toby, Mike, Michele, Cindy and of course my mentor Calvin attended. The atmosphere was casual and friendly. The conversation was stimulating as we discussed Business trends, Health, Nutrition, and shared some personal experiences with products or the business. I conducted a brief tour of my website. Calvin was knowledgeable and very comfortable with the topics and the questions he received. He is very experienced in the Business, and with people. I am thrilled that he is willing to impart his knowledge and wisdom to me, for free, so that I can have perhaps a smoother journey than he did as I build my own Business.

There was a wide array of products to sample or check out ranging from health and nutrition to skin care. A brand new Catalog with over a thousand products was there for perusal and also to take home. The sample products included: Oatmeal Cranberry cookie, Protein Bars (strawberry, lemon, peanut butter and also chocolate), XS Energy Drinks, Protein Shakes (vanilla and chocolate fudge) and of course Perfect Water, the premium water designed to easily, efficiently and often very quickly, hydrate your body.

Guests left happy, more knowledgeable and with a gift bag of Vitamins, skin care samples, Perfect Water, an XS energy drink, protein bar, twist tube (to add to water, which consists of ingredients to boost various areas like Joint health, immunity, or antioxidents) and a Catalog.

Thanks to everyone for their support! I thought tonight was a huge success and gave me a great boost of confidence as I start building a successful Business!

August 5th, 2008 by Jylly

Thursday night, August 7th, at 7 pm I am having a Grand Opening of my new online mega mall business called! The location will be at my private residence.

The Grand Opening is a simple way to introduce my friends and family to my new business, including a few of the million products that can be found on Some of the products include Perfect Water, XS Energy Drinks, Nutrition and Skin Care. Calvin Penney, my mentor in the Quixtar Business and friend of 4 years, will give a product overview and answer any questions. This will be a casual and fun atmosphere in which to discover new ways of thinking and new products to try out.

Please fill out the Contact Form if you are interested in coming and I will send you the location details.

June 2nd, 2008 by Jylly

I’m cracking up over that title.  It’s the generic one that Word Press uses on its themes and when I saw it I said it outloud (try it right now, I dare you) and it just sounded funny to me, so of course I had to keep it for my (drum roll…) First Official Blog post on my Personal Website.  Woo hoo!  It’s been two months in the making – yes, I’ve been a major slacker as far as giving the world a quick hello – well now you have it!

How does one get the idea to start a personal website you may ask?  Well about two months ago I was talking to Toby about domain names and somehow came up.  Toby is a Computer Geek and Businessman Galore.  He runs a family Real Estate office out of Marysville, Barnett Associates, and also his own consulting firm, TW Resource Group. That means he’s a man in the Know!  Toby mentioned that the domain name was now available.  I was surprised to hear this, last I knew the site was utilized by someone who did knitting (if I recall correctly).  So, we went to the site and sure enough, it was available!  I got all giddy!  I couldn’t stop talking about it and how I needed to buy that domain name for myself.  The next day I surprised both of us and did!!  I not only bought the name but I paid for my site to be hosted!  Talk about going big!  Toby was impressed by my decisiveness and we immediately started discussing my site and he spent some time right then and there putting it together – thanks Tob!

As I mentioned, the site hasn’t exactly been a daily focus for me.  I’m honestly not sure what all I’m going to do with it.  While it is very exciting, it is also a little bit overwhelming – for some reason I think it is easier to play with and manage a Myspace rather than a personal website.  What is up with that thinking??  I know, pure crazy talk!  I will remedy that with this first blog!